Wireless Sensor Data Capture: Elevating Possibilities with WiSer


In the realm of IoT and embedded systems, acquiring data from remote or elevated locations presents a unique set of challenges. Picture this scenario: a user needs to collect temperature, humidity, and AQI data from a sensor mounted on top of a pillar. Traditionally, options involved risky climbs or developing intricate embedded solutions for wireless data transfer. Enter WiSer – a revolutionary solution simplifying the process, enabling users to seamlessly capture sensor data wirelessly.

Let’s take an example sensor board from the sensors listed below.

  1. SM300D2 7-in-1 sensor board
  2. PMS7003

The Challenge

Imagine a sensor board safely placed on a pillar, capturing important environmental data with precision. Accessing this data either demands a daring climb or the development of a specialized embedded system for wireless data transfer, each option laden with its challenges – physical risk and complex engineering.

The WiSer Solution

WiSer offers a groundbreaking solution, accessing the serial port of the sensor board wirelessly on your host system. By connecting WiSer-TTL to the sensor board and WiSer-USB to the host system, users effortlessly capture sensor data over a wireless serial connection. WiSer doesn’t require any software or drivers to be installed on the host.

How WiSer Works

Connection Setup

  1. Connect WiSer-TTL to the sensor board using jumper cables or by soldering it directly.
  2. Plug WiSer-USB into the host system, whether it’s a PC, Raspberry Pi, or any other device.

Seamless Communication

  • WiSer establishes a wireless serial connection between the sensor board and the host system.
  • Users can access the serial port of the sensor board wirelessly on the host system and communicate with the sensor board directly using their favorite serial terminal software tool like Putty, TeraTerm, Realterm etc.
  • Users can also develop custom software in their preferred language (Python, C, C#, etc.) on the host system to directly capture and utilize sensor data, just like capturing data from a serial port.

Code Flexibility

  • Developers have the freedom to write code in their favorite language, ensuring adaptability to various applications.

Benefits of Using WiSer

  • Wireless Data Capture: Streamline sensor data capture wirelessly, reducing embedded system complexity.
  • Accessing Sensor Data Wirelessly on Your Host: Directly capture data in any ready-to-use Serial Terminal software Tool or develop your custom software in Python, C, C#, or any preferred language on the host system.
  • No Drivers Required: WiSer doesn’t require any software or drivers to be installed on the host.
  • Versatile Applications: Use captured sensor data in a wide array of applications, from environmental monitoring to automation.

Real-world Implementation

Here’s a visual representation showcasing how WiSer simplifies sensor data capture in elevated environments:


WiSer revolutionizes the way sensor data is captured from elevated locations, offering a smarter and safer solution. With wireless access to the sensor board’s serial port, WiSer eliminates the need for complex embedded systems, empowering users to access crucial data wirelessly, and unlocking possibilities across a diverse range of applications.

Note: Images are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent the exact setup.