Embedded Software Development

Firmware development (with RTOS and without RTOS/Barmetal) for 8-bit to 32-bit Microcontrollers

Board Support Package development

Embedded Linux BSP & porting for 32-bit/64-bit Processors

Linux device driver development

Linux application development

Cloud Integration

GUI Development

Test Application Development

Embedded Hardware Design

Component Selection

Schematic Design

Hi Speed and Multi layer PCB Layout Design

BOM Optimization

Board Bring-up

Performance Optimization

Product Design

Feasibility Study

Product Development

Enclosure and Casing Design

3D Modeling

Rendering and Simulation

Aesthetics and Usability Improvement

Video Demonstration

3D Printing

Prototyping and Production

Product/Prototype Engineering

Product/Prototype Manufacturing

Prototype and testing

Sustenance Support